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10 Questions To Check Before Applying for a Secured Credit Card
Would you like to apply for a secured credit card?  If you have a less than perfect credit score, you’re not entirely helpless.  This year, you can start improving your credit score with the help of a secured credit card.  Here are ten questions you may want to check out before applying for one:

1. What is a secured credit card?

A secured credit card is opened with a security deposit on your account to make up for your low credit score.  The amount of your deposit also serves as your credit limit.  If you put in $300 as your security, you can also avail the same amount in your credit.  By keeping up with your payments on time, you can slowly build up your credit line and the status of your credit score.

2. Where can I get a secured credit card?

Most major banks do offer a secured credit card for their clients.  You can check out the web for a list of secured credit cards available in the market.  Do check out credit card review web sites where you can compare your options more easily.

3. What kind of charges should you expect?

Secured credit card issuers usually charge an annual fee for their members but rates vary between each company.  Be careful when choosing your credit card issuer.  Make sure that you won’t be paying an unreasonable yearly fee just to renew your membership.  

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