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Ways to Protect Your Debit Card From Identity Theft
The problem of identity theft and credit card fraud is an undeniable fact in our society today.  In the United States alone, millions of consumers fall victim to ID theft and fraud each year, and the number of victims continue to increase with the passing of time.  With the introduction of credit cards that functions as debit cards, cases of ID theft have also grown more than ever.

Why are debit card users a favorite target of identity thieves?  Why are prepaid debit cards susceptible to credit fraud?  Why should you pay close to attention on how you use your debit card?  How can you safeguard your personal information especially when using debit cards and credit cards?  Here are some tips to help you protect yourself from the unnecessary heartache and trouble that ID theft can bring.

1. Always be on the alert.  Usually, people who become victims of ID theft are caught unaware or have been caught letting their guards down.  If you own a debit card or a credit card, you need to especially alert at all times.  Never give any of your card information to any person or company without making sure that they can be trusted.  Don’t be tempted to purchase from unknown sellers particularly over the web just because they offer lower prices on their products.  It’s better to buy only from a reputable merchant with a reliable track record in selling.

2. Don’t carry all your credit cards and debit cards in your wallet.  Obviously, such a practice puts you more at risk in case your wallet gets stolen or misplaced.  It is best to carry only one card in your wallet and keep the others in a safe storage.

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