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Tips To Know If Credit Repair Is A Scam

When seeking credit help, everyone is warned against agencies or organizations offering “quick fix” or “instant credit repair” to unsuspecting consumers.  In fact, credit repair scam is so prevalent in the market today in response to the large number of people in need of credit help.  In this article, let’s talk about how you can avoid credit repair fraud and how you can distinguish a reliable credit counseling service.

Can You Repair Bad Credit?

The fact is there is really no way you can instantly “repair” or “fix” bad credit.  According to the Credit Repair Organizations Act, all agencies or companies offering credit counseling or debt help are mandated by rules and regulations set by the government.  Those who will be found in violation of these rules must be punished by the law.

No agency has the power to erase negative remarks or unpaid charges in your credit report, unless these charges are incorrect or inaccurate.  However, there is a way to rebuild bad credit and raise your credit score.  However, take note that doing so involves time, effort and hard work especially on the part of the borrower.

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